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Gürcan Law is a dynamic place to work. Whether you are a legal intern, an attorney or member of our office staff, at Gürcan Law you will become a part of a progressive and an influential team who are committed to succeeding in professional legal services environment.

Due to elevating workload Gürcan Law, from time to time, may require additional team members at all levels of seniority including legal interns, recent law school graduates and attorneys handling litigation and/or contract law matters.

Please send your resumes to gurcan@gurcanlaw.com if you would like to be considered to work at Gürcan Law when an appropriate position arises in accordance with your background, qualifications and preferences .

 The employment process is finalized upon face to face interviews with partners conducted either in English or Turkish language depending on the intended position of the respective candidate.

 Please note that candidates aiming to  get involved in contract law matters must have excellent written and spoken English. (English proficiency must be evidenced by a TOEFL score of IBT/105 or higher or IELTS score of 7.5 or higher at academic levels)

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