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Member of the Istanbul  Bar Association, 1982; Bar Reg.No. 12516


“…When I started this firm, I promised to obey certain principles with long-standing and deep roots; It was about upholding the rule of law first, helping  clients  achieve efficient and succesful resolutions second, and guaranteeing responsible behavior to all stakeholders regardless of the impact on the firm… When I review the past, I am very  proud of our accomplishments and outcomes…” –Cüneyd Gürcan


·           LLM Diploma, Commercial and Banking Law, 1983; Istanbul University Faculty of Law

·           LLB Diploma, 1979; Istanbul University Faculty of Law


·           Counsel to the Hollandse Bank Uni. N.V. Istanbul 1983-1990

·           Lecturer to the Ministry of Tourism 1990

·           Assistant Professor of Commercial Law, Marmara University 1979-1983


·           Istanbul Bar Association

·           International Bar Association

·           The French Chamber of Commerce of Turkey

·           The British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey

·           International Project Finance Association


·           Turkish

·           English

·           French

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